Darkened by his weary soul

growing cold

emotions far beyond his touch

for my love for anything could never be much

I am over powered by his strength

the depths of this void echo inside

there is a need I try to hide

live is that of a memory

far behind

the shallow ones I meet know no peace

they all worship to conceit

the pain hurts me sometimes more then I show

I have a feeling I need to let him go

will I grow from all of this?

on the other side of his kiss

this is a path I have traveled before

there are no exits before the door

I am lost in a maze

hidden by the thickened haze

I am dust that has been blown away

will he remember my face if I leave today?



In a world full of wrong you have shown me right

and your love prevailed

The path I walk is blessed by your loving light

just hearing your voice I know it will be alright

your spirit has lifted me up when I fall

and your sewing hands mended my wounds as well

but it is your love that has made me feel

you have listened when I needed to be heard

never closing a door

your heart always open and willing for more

it is your love that has helped me to speak

a real angel before my eyes

 a woman of truth and compromise

feelings of defeat can easily pass when held in your arms and touched by your time

it is your love that has helped me see

for yesterday is not just a memory

it is a lesson you taught me

and allowed me to be

a woman of strength and integrity


You are a string man born into this world with a guiding hand

your gentle touch I love so much

but it’s really the love behind it

I see you aura that shines so bright filling my soul with all your light

you’ve touched my heart as I have taken flight

sacrificed your sorrow to make whats right

I now see the world as it is before turning out the light

It was your inspiration that helped me threw difficult nights

It’s because of you my tomorrows are near

giving me hope and knowing you care

so if you are ever in doubt

do not fear you are the reason I am here

alive and well to share and tell all the joy you bring me

in my eyes a reflection of yours

to see the truth behind life’s lores

proud to say I love you in every meaningful way 


There are those

There are those who love you for what you got

they will never listen to your thoughts, you thought they thought

now knowing they are those who never cared

There are those who stood by you threw thick and thin

you can almost feel them deep within

your restless soul feeds upon their lives

they are those who have always tried

There are those who share your pain

they have heard your heart and felt it gain

your open sorrow kneels at their feet

they allow you to nibble till you feel complete

they are those who allow you to grow

they are those who help you define those



I guess those memories are gone

good and bad it’s time to move on

evil stand in front of me though he has no power over me

you think you’ve won this battle I fought?

In and out of her life

I won’t let her cry

You have seen her once, but I have seen the pain in her time

so innocent

so sweet

well your actions will be seen by an invisible eye

maybe to young to know the truth but karma comes in time

yes I’m hurt

stronger to admit the truth then to feel proud and lie

Don’t stand around and ask me why!

for someone to carve my future in stone then walk away

they should have to pay

I’m angry for being naive

where were my friends to save me?

yes, but that is ok the bruises have all faded away

It is the emotions that seem to stay

I have tried to invent new ones for the old to go away

I’m a survivor don’t tell me I’m in your way

I am her voice, the one you once took away

so listen when I speak!

when you hurt me and made me cry

you hurt the mother that wipes the tears from her eyes

The Sea

The Sea brought forth;

a seed within me

placid by the rushing waves

still like the rocks that rest in her path all of their days

along a sand filled shore

I feel the life that moves in me a little more

her glory, her love

her pain, and her rage

yet she will become sacred again today.

All that lives within her needs

creatures from above praise her,

And still she is the greatest mystery.

Her calming voice whispers secrets to me

The Lord who made her has made me…..

The voice becomes prominent as she pulls back

words spoken without a sound

my love I have found

you properate me and make me whole.

A thousand words cannot cover these shores

I am non existent as I face the Sea

She has a power over me

I look at her amongst all her glory

She stares back at me;

“Who are you? Let go of your worries!”

she proclaims linguistic form to me

“you cannot buy peace or solitude it is a cardinal virtue.”

My mind wonders off as I think about that thought

It is then that I am brought where the pathway marks the spot

in his arms I move along

shapened by the roots of time

awakened by the dreams that dance in my mind

I am becoming what I set out to be

I realise then that honesty flows deep from my seed

spiriling in and out of me

sweet surrender has found his way to me

though the path we walk upon is shaded by the many trees

I feel protection over me

vigorously he walks beside of me

his voice sings love to me

It is now that I have come upon all that was brought to me

Never forget

In the deepest collection of winter I cannot rest
I am surrounded by such a mess
My head feels like clutter spinning in and out from memories that fade away
vivid thoughts trick my mind for these are things I cannot find