A good relationship takes communication, trust, compromise and most of all laughter. True love is being there for someone when you are exhausted, burnt out and fed up but still making an effort to work on yourself and the relationship. Looking inward to see what you can fix about yourself rather then what you can fix about your partner for the wellness of both. I think truly loving someone is allowing them to be free and learn on their own time, of course setting healthy boundaries, but never the less always allowing them to express who they are as an individual. Putting God first in our lives also will give you a sense of peace knowing you do not have to carry the load on your own. Know that you can not control everything and you can not control another person. God is the teacher and what he has planned to teach you may not be what he has in mind to teach your partner. Be forgiving, and know nobody is perfect. Love like there is no tomorrow,  And most of all always practice patience!



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