I guess those memories are gone

good and bad it’s time to move on

evil stand in front of me though he has no power over me

you think you’ve won this battle I fought?

In and out of her life

I won’t let her cry

You have seen her once, but I have seen the pain in her time

so innocent

so sweet

well your actions will be seen by an invisible eye

maybe to young to know the truth but karma comes in time

yes I’m hurt

stronger to admit the truth then to feel proud and lie

Don’t stand around and ask me why!

for someone to carve my future in stone then walk away

they should have to pay

I’m angry for being naive

where were my friends to save me?

yes, but that is ok the bruises have all faded away

It is the emotions that seem to stay

I have tried to invent new ones for the old to go away

I’m a survivor don’t tell me I’m in your way

I am her voice, the one you once took away

so listen when I speak!

when you hurt me and made me cry

you hurt the mother that wipes the tears from her eyes


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